Falk pushes for elite status

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The fallout from Pullman’s first primetime game since Ryan Leaf is still settling over the PAC-12 and the college football landscape.

Luke Falk has officially turned in his application for a first round draft pick, throwing for 340 yards and two touchdowns. His intangibles kept the Cougars focused and consistent through exotic Trojan blitz packages and very deceptive defensive backfield play. Ultimately, Falk and Washington State did just enough to pull through to a massive statement win over a more talented USC team.

Southern California’s Sam Darnold looked like a redshirt sophomore. Poor throws and questionable decision-making were paramount in analyzing why USC lost this game. This was more than just a hiccup Darnold’s journey to the NFL. It showed a gap in what scouting described Darnold and what needs to be present in order for NFL teams to feel comfortable making Darnold the face of their franchise next year.

Throughout the game, USC made it clear that Darnold was the weak spot in a very talented roster. The defense was fast and thorough. The offensive weapons looked dangerous and agile. Scouts hope this was just an extreme case of being nervous for the 6’4 ft. 225 lb pocket passer. Falk was a galvanizing force that made the Cougars look like a elite team at times. If he continues to shine with college playoff potential for Washington State, he is capable of becoming a top ten pick in next year’s draft.

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