Josh Rosen – Best QB in the 2018 draft class?

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Josh Rosen

Josh Rosen, or “Chosen Rosen” as they like to call him, has proved all year that he’s capable of being a pro-level Quarterback. With little to no talent around him, Josh Rosen has had a seriously¬†impressive junior year.

Before the year, Josh Rosen was my QB2, but after a less than stellar season by Sam Darnold and his USC Trojans, there is a good chance Darnold returns to school for his senior year. For that reason, Rosen slides into my QB1 spot (however, I’m still on the Sam Darnold hypetrain). Rosen finished the 2017 season with 3,717 yards, 26 TDs, and 10 INTs. UCLA finished 6-6 this year, I doubt they would have had more than 3 of those wins if it weren’t for Rosen.

Now, this may be bad to some readers, but Josh Rosen reminds me a lot of Jay Cutler, but a good, watered down version of him. Rosen has all the tools in the world. He has the IQ, the size, and the arm strength. He does however have that Jay Cutler syndrome where he trusts his arm a little bit too much. On multiple occasions this year, I saw Rosen try to fit the ball into a tight window and it ended up getting picked off. He has to learn to tuck it and run or just throw it away when need be.

On the flip side, Rosen has some serious arm talent. The combination of arm strength and accuracy on some of his passes is unreal to me. When you throw in his incredible footwork into the conversation, you have the making of one hell of a quarterback.


-Arm talent




-forcing the ball

Projected round: 1st round (1st overall)

All in all, Rosen is the top QB in this draft in my eyes, but he also seems like that guy that’ll boom or bust and there won’t really be an in-between.


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