N’Keal Harry – The best WR in College Football

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When April 2019 rolls around, you’ll be watching N’Keal Harry get picked as the first wide receiver in the NFL Draft. Harry is one of the most “fun” prospects I’ve ever dissected/studied. The main reason Harry reminds me of Julio Jones in one aspect of the game and that is the simple combination of sheer strength and huge body frame they both have. He is one of the few college wide receivers in recent history you can place the “unguardable” label on. The best thing about the Arizona State wide receiver is that he is an all-around type of player so he’s gonna come out and give it his all each and every game.

Last season, Harry had 82 catches, 1,142 yards, and 8 touchdowns for the Sun Devils. Now, he’s coming back a year older, a year wiser, and a year better, which means sky is the limit for him this year. Cornerbacks are not able to do their jobs against Harry because he’s a match-up nightmare at his size and speed. My reasoning for crowning Harry as the best wide receiver in the nation is because he has a 5th gear that none of the other 2019 NFL draft prospects possess.

Like I previously mentioned, Harry doesn’t have many weaknesses at all, but one thing that does slightly hinder him is his speed. He’s not a speedster but he makes up for it in other ways. If there was any way to get faster, he would be one of those guys that defensive coaches would dread going up against.

Strengths: Strength, catching in traffic, Route running

Weaknesses: Speed

2018-2019 stats (prediction): 87 catches, 1,278 yards, 9 touchdowns

Draft projection: Top 15 pick

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