The Basics

The NFL combine runs for four days in late February every year building up to the NFL Draft. For the past 6 years the Combine has been held at the Lucal Oil Stadium in Indianapolis. The Combine allows those intending to play professional football to showcase their abilities and skills to all the 32 NFL teams. Both physical and mental skills are tested throughout the event.

The scouting combine is an essential part to any NFL scout. This allows them to assess players on an even playing field, albeit not in a game-time situation.


40-Yard Dash

Similar to the 100 meter sprint, this event allows scouts to see the pure athleticism of the participant. Scouts are looking for that quick get away from the line, also called the ‘explosion’.

Bench Press

This test is all about pure strength and endurance. The athlete is tested by bench pressing 225 pounds (102 kg), to see how many reps this athlete can do.

Vertical Jump

How high can you jump? This discipline looks at the lower-body power and is tested with the athlete standing flat footed and jumping as high as they can, reaching upwards.

Board Jump

Similar to the vertical jump but in a horizontal motion. The player will stand still and use their body strength to jump forward as far as they can. Essentially a standing long jump.

3 Cone Drill

A test of speed with change in direction. The cones are played out in an L-shape and tests how a player can change direction quickly. Simply a test of speed and agility.

Shuttle Run

The Athelete stars in a three point stance, runs to right to the 5 yard line, runs back in the opposite direction 10 yards, and then returns to the starting position. This tests the explosion of the athlete in the short zone. Atheletes are tested in both a 20-yard and 60-yard shuttle run.